Alcohol’s relation to Insomnia

This is something that gets overlooked all too often. Most people have witnessed an intoxicated person in a “deep #slumber” or “passed out”, but this is only as it appears to be when it comes to the quality of #sleep he or she is experiencing.

#Alcohol actually cuts down on #REM sleep and inhibits the brain’s ability to restore and re-energize itself. Take a look at the article from the University of Missouri School of Medicine to discover some of the ways alcohol can impair sleep, and possibly cause #insomnia

“During acute alcohol withdrawal, subjects displayed a significant increase in wakefulness with a reduction in rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement sleep,” Thakkar said. “This caused insomnia-like symptoms and suggests an impaired sleep homeostasis.”

Read the full article here Alcohol Use Can Impair Sleep, Cause Insomnia

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