Abusing Prescription Sleep Aids

Watch this WebMD slideshow about how #sleep #medications can be misused. It is important to maintain a strong commitment to only taking the dosages prescribed. Mixing certain sleep medicine with alcohol and other drugs can turn into a dangerous, and potentially life-threatening situation. Educate yourself on some of the common mistakes that can be made when trying to treat sleeping difficulties.

“Drug abuse isn’t just about street drugs. Besides marijuana, legal medicines are the most commonly abused drugs in the U.S. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs can help and heal us. But some can be addictive and dangerous if they’re used the wrong way.

Keep your family safe. Use this guide to help you spot some commonly misused medicines. Because drugs come in many forms, not all pills and tablets are shown. Drug pictures are not to scale.”
-from WebMD’s “Commonly Abused Prescription and OTC Drugs

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